FULLER is a superfood breakfast blend and the perfect combo of fruit, protein, oats, seeds, and probiotics that gives you energy, fullness and exactly what your brain, body and gut need to perform.



FULLER was a classic example of a brand and product launch from scratch. They came to us with their first set of SKUs ready for launch in two months. There was just one problem, they had no one to launch their products to. No social media following, email list or big influencer to endorse them on the launch day. Plus they had no digital experience, website or ecommerce store to showcase their products and take sales.



FULLER understood that the key to success would be focusing on leveraging social media platforms to quickly reach their target audience, build awareness and generate interest in their product before it was ready for launch.

After spending time researching their target audience, we designed unique ad creatives and ran highly targeted ad campaigns across multiple social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. This allowed us to quickly build an email list and grow a private Facebook community of potential customers ready on the launch day.

We helped craft an irresistible offer that showcased FULLER’S unique products and highlighted the benefits of incorporating them into everyday life. We designed and developed a high-converting landing page and funnel to increase the conversion rate and average order value. We then ideated, implemented and managed a successful product launch email campaign that lasted for almost 2 weeks.



Our strategy paid off as we were able to successfully launch the FULLER brand and their first set of SKUs. As a result of our efforts, FULLER was able to build their email list, social media followers and grow sales revenue within only two months of working together. Most importantly, they were able to validate their product-market fit and position themselves for the future growth.

  • Developed a brand new Shopify website and ecommerce store
  • Created an irresistible offer and developed a high-converting landing page
  • Built a sales funnel with upsells and cross-sells to increase AOV
  • Generated leads and acquired new customers through paid advertising
  • Launched and grew a private Facebook community from scratch
  • Implemented and managed a product launch email marketing campaign

Dane — Founder of FULLER

The thing I like the best about working with Stefan was that he took the lead, which I found a relief. A lot of other times I’ve worked with other freelancers who don’t take the lead, I’ve got to be telling them what to do. When it comes to launching a product, there is so many different things that you need to do and having an expert like Stefan made those things happen. Stefan had a plan and he made sure that we covered each detail within that plan and importantly he kept us to a timeline, so when it came to launch we had everything done.


Tools For FULLER'S Success